2018 Events

18 February: Membership Renewal

At Club Italia / Mounties Group the President Luigi Bucciarelli began his speech giving the warm welcome to the participants and thanking the Sponsors and Benefactors for the valid and concrete
support,  and Club Italia staff who contributed excellently at the preparation of the exquisite lunch as well as the services of the 300 participants.
The President Bucciarelli also thanked his committees and the tireless volunteers of the Associazione.
A special thank you to the Senator Francesco Giacobbe for his welcome take part in it and its well-known discovers revealing
itself to all Italians.
Thanks, also, to Sam Guarna for his presence at the party.
The day was gladdened by Maestro Lucio Ventresca and his music and canzoni.
Momento cleu of the day was the talented and dynamical singer Sylvana that with great vitality has presented its famous repertoiregetting thunderous applause from the participants.
Mrs  Aurelia-Sophia Roman, Theresa De Girolamo and Antoniette Marre, from the Radio Voceitalia were present as his supporters.
The event was also for beneficence for the following foundations Prostate Cancer & Breast Foundation.
There was also a lottery which favored 11 participants. The first prize was won by Mr. Aldo Renzo: 12 red wine bottles donated by the Club Italia / Mounties Group.
18 March: Annual General Meeting
15 April: Spaghettata Abruzzese

A festive group of members, friends Mounties
Group of Lansvale the traditional
“Spaghettata Abruzzese” an event that takes
place immediately after the feast of Easter.
The event, organized by the Committee of the
Abruzzesi Association of NSW Inc., was opened
by Vice President Livio Commissione, who after
a minute of silence for the deceased loved  ones

of the Association, reported the apologies of

President Luigi Bucciarelli, who had to leave for family reasons.
Livio Commissione gave his warm welcome to the Members and friends who continue to
nurture the sympathy, loyalty and love for our rich heritage of Abruzzo.
Hear words of congratulations and thanks were addressed to the Sponsors
and Benefactors for their high contribution, as well as the President of Club Italia
BenSonego and its efficient staff, together with the tireless Volunteers of the Association,
excellently performed the preparation of both food and food
table service.A four-course lunch was prepared, including a biscuit entre’e with
cheeses and olives, followed by “Spaghetti al ragu” with a typical Abruzzese sauce,
chicken and sauces with a mixed side dish, and finally a delicious limoncello cake.
Maestro  Lucio Ventresca was there with music and songs, to promote tradition and
culture among young people and less young. The “best moment” – was the
performance of the young singers Giuseppe & Anka, children of European parents.
Listening to their melodious voices in the song of classical arias of Italian opera
immediately reported a clear silence in the hall, thus creating an electrifying
atmosphere followed by appreciations and emotions among the participants.

A lottery including nine awards was held during the day, giving more time for the
participants to dance happily in the large Tiepolo hall. Mr. Pedro Sasso won the
first prize, consisting of a ham followed from the purchase of another Ham by
Signor Vittorio Ianelli.

23 June: Festa Invernale  – SAGNE e FASCIULI

Two hundred and fifteen members and sympathizers celebrated in the grand hall of the Club Italia / Mouties Group the traditional “Winter Festival”. From the previous day some members of the committee together with the volunteers have committed themselves to the preparation of this food from the Abruzzo region. A homemade dish based on pasta, thin and cut into length, and the unmistakable taste of beans that are great energy reserve with the nickname of “Sagne-e-Fasciuli”

The President Luigi Bucciarelli  thanked the Board of Directors and the committee of the Italian Club for their tireless cooperation, sponsors for their generosity and a warm thanks to the President of the Abruzzesi Association of Canberra Giovanni Di Zillo, accompanied by his wife and friends,to the President of the Associations of the Aeolian Islands, Brotherhood of Saint Bartolomeo

Apostolo Bob Natoli and the President of the National Association of Italian Sailors Mario Barone for their presence. The President Giovanni Di Zillo in his speech praised the committee and members of the Association affirming the importance of preserving the traditions of our countries.Music and songs of the good Maestro Lucio Ventresca. Very applauded the musical show of the kind singer Mimma Furlan from Canberra and of  the talented singer Scalso Rosa. The various and popular melodies have immense joy in the hearts of the participants, the hearts and stomachs of which they were already heated by the succulent food Abruzzo.
The day ended with the draw of a rich lottery for 10 winners. The fund will be donated at the Heart Foundation and at the Westmead Children’s Hospital.

9 September: Harbour Cruise — Sightseeing & Island Dance Flow
7 October: World Italian Immigrants Day

The meeting began with the Holy Mass officiated by Father Joseph Kolodziej during which Caterina Mauro recited the prayer of the emigrant from Abruzzo.

From the speech of the President of the Abruzzesi Association of the NSW, Luigi Bucciarelli:
“In the new land of adoption, the emigrant from Abruzzo has brought his culture accumulated over thousands of years, customs to be considered highly proud of, especially  food and wine. How could Australians and other people living in Australia taste the delicious taste of pork, polenta with liver sausages, timballo and the delicious Sagne and Fasciuli if it were not for the emigrant from Abruzzo? “

The president of Club Italia, Ben Sonego, has traced a brief history of Italian emigration to Australia. The first
Italian to disembark in Australia was Antonio Ponto, sailor, crew member of Captain Cook’s Endeavor, in 1770.
In 1885 a group of 300 immigrants from Northern Italy formed a community called NEW ITALY, in North NSW.

Words of congratulation to the organizers of the event were given by the Consul General Arturo Arcano, Senator Francesco Giacobbe and Parliamentary John Sidoti representing Premier Gladys Berejiklian.





11 November: Picnic Natalizio at KOKODA Memorial Park
18 November: Roby Santini Show

Sunday, November 18, 2018, in the large hall of the Club ltalia, about 250 participants welcomed with joy, the singer-songwriter Roby Santini accompanied by his kind wife Barbara Di Iorio. The artist from Abruzzo, Roberto Santini, from Casalbordino province of Chieti, with the organization of FAADA (Federation Association of Abruzzo) has started his “Australian Tour” in the main Australian cities: Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane: the presidents of the Abruzzesi Association and the Club Italia  underlined the purpose of spreading the Abruzzese language.The president Luigi Bucciarelli has had the task of master of ceremonies and the curtain raised with the well-known Roby Santini.The show takes place more with the notable project “The country boy” accompanied by the Master Lucio Ventresca. The unmissable musical show has given rise to applause among the people of Abruzzo who followed the funny and witty stories which have achieved great success in the regions of central Italy. Among the most famous songs such as Rosina, Fru Fru, The potato, Cicirinella teneva.., the most enjoyable was the song inspired by his parents, Giovanna and Angiolino with the refrain “ma  a te chi t’ha fatt e fratete pure”. A huge dose of good humor was with the imitation of other artists followed by a cabaret sketch, where Roby Santini showed up with a wig and dressed like a drag queen.
The presidents thanked the participants who unanimously requested the show for Next year.